The Baseball Bat Stool Co is a 1 man operation (occasionally dog assisted) that was started in late 2013. All stools are handmade from start to finish in my garage in Dallas, Texas.

In November 2013, I needed new bar stools for my kitchen counter. However, I didn’t want a set of plain old bar stools that you can find anywhere. I was looking for stools that would be unique, high quality, and a conversation starter. Through my research, I became fascinated with re-purposed and reclaimed wood furniture.

As a former baseball player, I had a few old bats lying around the garage. After several months of research, splinters and a lot of late nights, I finally built my first stool. Over the last year, we have designed a baseball bat stool that is completely unique to anything similar you may find. Every stool is handmade with the same care, quality and craftsmanship that I would use if I was building it for my own home.

Check out The Baseball Bat Stool Co. Instagram and Facebook pages for more examples of my work.